Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WAM.APP?
    WAM.APP is a social gaming platform where anyone can play competitive games with friends. You build up your player profile by winning TapCoins® from tournaments and competitions.

    You can play anytime from any device you want while taunting your friends about your wins.

    Discover new people playing the same game you are on and challenge their level. If you win you can earn badges and level up in the rankings.
  • Can I create content?
    You can create both your own tournaments and your own games once you are a premium member. When the games are published you can invite your friends, share them with family and see how other people reacted to your game
  • How much does WAM cost?
    Play games on WAM.APP from your smartphone with your friends

    You can remove ads and buy platform powerups as well, but they are not required for the single player experience. Plans start from 1.99 EUR a month and you can upgade your experience from inside the platform at any moment. No extra contracts.
  • How do I cancel?
    WAM.APP is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online in two clicks. There are no cancellation fees - start or stop your account anytime.
  • What can I play on WAM?
    On WAM.APP premium members can play casual & hypercasual games, sports games, brain teasers, board & card games, arcade & puzzle games single or multi player with friends around the world.

    We are constantly updating the games list with the latest titles so everyone can find just the right game to have fun.
  • Can I win real money?
    WAM.APP is a hypercasual esports platform that uses Tap Coins for different in platform purposes. You cannot win or withdraw real money, you can only win and purchase Tap Coins.
  • Where can I use Tap Coins?
    On you have different options to spend your Tap Coins:
    • To continue from a certain level
    • To challenge a friend on a 1v1 match
    • To create private tournaments for friends and family
    • and many more
  • Is WAM secure?
    WAM.APP was built from the ground up using the latest web standards and following the best security practices in order to protect all of our customers and their data.
  • Where can I play?
    You can access WWW.WAM.APP from any browser, on mobile, tablet or desktop and play without having to download a program or an app.
  • What games do you have?