WAM is a Play-to-Earn platform, founded by Daniel Tamas and Alex Rus, in 2019. It combines blockchain, AI, and gaming to create a new gaming ecosystem suited for a decentralized future. The platform is designed to provide a seamless experience for gamers, developers, and investors.

Sept, 2019
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Our Mission
To give players, developers and investors a platform where they can earn and trade digital assets by participating in a fair, transparent and decentralized ecosystem. A new platform, powered by AI, secured by blockchain suited for the new digital economy is our way of creating the future.

Management Team

Daniel Tamas
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Rus
Co-Founder & CBDO
Vlad Mustiata
Larisa Muresan
Alex Suciu
Head of BD
Marius Rusu
Head of BI
Octavian Jula
Head of Taxes & Compliance
Sergiu Vasilescu
Head of Legal

WAM Logos

Hey! If you're here you're probably looking for our logos and imagery for social media, so here they are.
Use them as they are, no modifications please. Don't worry, the images are high res when you save them to your local device.